Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

From a DUI to a murder charge, we have experience successfully navigating clients through the difficult parts of life.

Trusts and Estates

If you need to set up a trust, or open and close the estate of a loved one, we can absolutely help you get started quickly and efficiently.

Child Custody

Get an advocate in your corner to help you set realistic child custody schedules. We have experience in finalizing already agreed upon child custody schedules, figuring out a schedule that works for both parties and have helped in extreme cases that require locating children out of state.


Divorces can run the emotional gauntlet, but we can help get you through it.

Commercial Transactions

We have helped businesses of all sizes with their incorporating, legal and other needs. It is important to have someone with decades of experience writing contracts, facilitating the sale or merger of your company to help your business soar.

Real Property Law

We routinely help people buy and sell real property, and have worked with countless realtors to help facilitate the deal. We also routinely help clients with evictions and landlord tenant disputes.


Liens are a creature all their own. If you own a business and need to get a lien on something, we can help from start to finish.

Small Claims

Small claims are not like Judge Judy, but monthly we are participating in a small claims case. If your business needs an attorney, we have the experience to walk you through.

Workers Compensation

Being injured on the job is never a good thing. We have worked with dozens of clients on helping get their workers compensation claim resolved.

Personal Injury

Automobile accident left you worse for wear? Give us a call and we can work with you to get your claim resolved.